Transformer site - dive tank
Architect: Luk Derycke

From oil reservoir to dive tank

From oil reservoir to dive tank
The existing fuel oil tank has a diameter of 28 m and a height of 17 m. The dive tank itself has a diameter of 20 m and is 15 m deep. The dive tank will create an ideal environment for novice divers to dive to a reasonable depth in a safe, protected environment before they go diving in open water to these kinds of depths.
The dive tank itself is eccentrically placed with respect to the steel tank shell. The floors of the building are located next to the dive tank. The entrance and the cafeteria have windows providing views into the dive tank.

The concrete wall of the dive tank has a thickness of 50 cm. The steel wall of the original oil reservoir has a purely aesthetic function and is not part of the load-bearing structure.
Before the demolition began, the existing steel wall had to be underpinned in order to prevent it from sinking into the ground during the excavations. This foundation consisted of a pile foundation. The piles were drilled into the ground immediately adjacent to the steel wall and, once the drill head had gone beyond the edge of the steel, the drilling angle was rotated slightly inwards so that the pile was eventually formed below the existing steel wall.
Everything was then excavated down to about 2 m below the original ground level. These excavations had to take place in layers and evenly around the pile wall, in order to prevent the pile wall being subjected to variable loads.

After the excavations, a complete foundation plate was poured, followed by a curtain wall for the pile wall.
The load-bearing structure largely consists of reinforced concrete. All the joinery for this project is in wood and the existing steel wall has been used as cladding. There is a flat roof above the storeys, while the dive tank has an air cushion roof.
Construction works carried out:
- Foundations, earthworks, drainage
- Structural works
- Steel structure
- Joinery
- Roofing
- Finishing


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