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Renovation of former infirmary

Renovation of former infirmary
Restoration of 19th century chapel.

Alongside the complete restoration of the oak roof structure and the interior joinery, the concrete floors and foundations were also replaced, old and new flagstones placed/replaced, new steel and wooden joinery installed and the small wooden tower replaced in its entirety.
Restoration of 17th century chapel.

The roof structure in this chapel was likewise restored, the lead roofing replaced and new steel and wooden joinery fitted. In this chapel, a completely new floor was also laid in noir de mazy and white Carrara marble. Also worthy of note is the new wooden profiled cornice.
New build

A striking and very characteristic feature of the new building is the oxidised copper facade and roof cladding. Inside, ash was used for both the walls and the floors. This new construction was seamlessly linked to the restored chapel.
Facades for music school and outdoor work

The facades of the music school were restored on all sides by restoring the authentic outdoor joinery, with new wooden outdoor joinery also being installed. The very striking ochre-coloured lime paint of the building references the original colour. The entire central courtyard was dug up and re-laid with cobblestones. Today, the building serves as an Academy for Word, Dance and Music.

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