Waterschei (Genk)
Thor Central (THV Houben - Monument - Strabag )
Satijnplus Architecten / ELD

The Waterschei colliery was one of the seven pits of the Kempen coalfield. Coal was first mined there in 1924 on seams at 560,647, 700, 807, 920, 980 and 1040 m depth. Employment peaked in 1949 at 6834 mine workers. The best production figures were achieved in 1968 with 1,490,700 tons.
Lifetime production totalled 72,453,000 tons. The pit was closed on 10 September 1987.

Thor Central, the monumental main building of the former pit, was opened in mid-2017 as the beating heart of the site: a central venue with auditorium, hospitality, child daycare, meeting rooms, etc.
330 m2 of glass slabs were replaced by glass tiles made in France reproducing the model of the original Val Saint-Lambert tiles.
The existing structure did not meet the requirements for stability for the possible number of people present. Around 600 m2 of floors had to be reinforced. A solution on the upper surface was not possible because of the listed terrazzo floors. Reinforcement was therefore applied using carbon fibre strip and metal on the underside of the floor panels and beams.
For the auditorium the beams and floors were removed from an intermediate level and the level above was now supported by 3 steel girderr spans 20m long and 2m high which were brought in through door openings as crane operation was not possible.
For the 650 m2 ceiling of the great hall the wooden substructure was restored and replaced in places, Stucanet and utilities built in, and replastered.
On the external facades 1300 bricks and 1700 concrete blocks were replaced and 1300 blocks restored. 1500 m2 of external glazing was repaired, painted and restored to order.
Utilities had a major impact on the project: they take up 1/8 of the built surfaces and represent 25% of the construction project.

16,2 miljoen euro

Bedrag der werken

maart 2015 - maart 2017



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